Saturday, 13 October 2012

Freezing Summer Goodness

I have a small allotment where I grow some veggies and berries. My parents-in-law also have a garden where they grow a variety of produce. This year has been awful for most crops, but I've managed to freeze some of the summer goodness.

Rowan berries, spread out on a tray and ready to go into the freezer. Already frozen, in the same way, rosehips and blackberries on the right and fresh hazelnuts (cobnuts) on the left.

I have more stuff frozen already in the freezer: some redcurrants, wild blackberries and some blackcurrants. And I've also now added some organic raspberries to the selection.

These make for a great treat and Digby really enjoys his berries. On the plate: cobnut, bird bread, rowan berries, hawthorn berries, plum.

I think pretty much all berries freeze really well. Sometimes I buy reduced or on offer organic blueberries as I don't grow any myself, and freeze them too. I like adding berries to mash which I prepare in individual portions from time to time. I don't feed it regularly because my Digby is very hormonal and warm soft foods stimulate her hormones even further, but I don't want to deprive her of that pleasure completely. They can also be added to bird breads or given as they are, simply defrosted.

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