Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flower Power

Earlier I posted about enriching parrots' diets with flowers. Here is another variation of it: nasturtium flower, calendula flower, mint flower, rose, cosmos, nasturtium leaf, blackberry and rosehip from the garden, a slice of home-grown peach and a few pieces of bird bread:

Digby didn't really fancy eating the flowers as such, but it doesn't matter, they are there not just for nutrition as they are safe to eat and would have been great if she did, but they are also for enrichment, for her visual pleasure.

Speaking of visual pleasure, I think the way we serve food matters a lot. Sometimes I offer chopped fruit and veg, but sometimes, for effect, I offer them whole, like this watermelon. Or I like piling up colourful fruit, veggies and berries together, and serve the same treats for Digby as I do to myself and husband (two large bowls of berries are for us, and a plate is for Digby)

These willow catkins are not exactly flowers, but they are cute, and make for a great toy and also safe to chew on

Bright colours are great and stimulating for the vision and great for the feeling of general well-being and when we go out for walks I like choosing pretty spots to rest in for Digby's mental satisfaction

Incorporating flowers into parrots' diets and environment is a great form to make their lives and ours too just a little bit brighter and more exciting

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