Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fattening Them Up For Winter

Only joking, not really trying to fatten anyone up but Digby had quite an indulgent dinner yesterday:
Bird Bread with a drizzle of Healx/Avix Relief product, blackberry, pomegranate, rowan berries, steamed carrot, peas, steamed tenderstem broccoli (Digby only likes the stem), steamed quinoa and buckwheat and a slice of apple.

Apart from getting her food all laid out on a plate I also get Digby to forage for her treats. Here she is eating an almond, wrapped up in a piece of kitchen towel and it was squashes between the end of that purple link at the bottom of the boing.  The other foraging food Digby loves and I also wrap up in kitchen roll and scatter it around her playground is Power Treats. 

Dudley doesn't mind doing a bit of foraging too


He also go crazy for Power Treats so on a very rare occasion he gets one as a treat:


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