Monday, 10 October 2011

Introducing Enrichment with Flowers

After putting up a list of edible flowers on Parrot Social forum (a new forum devoted to all species of parrots) I've decided to add some to Digby's dinner plate. I knew he wouldn't be too interested in eating them, but the colours were sure to brighten up his day a bit.

So here is his dinner plate yesterday: nasturtium flowers, calendula flower, nasturtium leaf, mint sprig, raspberries, blackberries, rose hip, yellow crab apple, cosmos flower three types of roses and a rose bud.

I first presented the plate to him with just those goodies so that he could explore, which he readily did.

He then ate the raspberries, blackberry and the crab apple

And afterwards his dinner was served on the same plate. 
Today he has found that big red rose on the sofa and happily shredded it, eating the base of the rose, where the rosehip would form from later on.
The experiment was a success so I will be bringing in more flowers to Digby's plate regularly from now on. 


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