Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Our Favourite Toys

There are a few toys which I just keep on buying because the birds never lose interest in them and they are suitable for both Digby and the budgies.

Party Balls by Foragewise

You can get them either individually or in a bunch of three. They come in two sizes - small and large. Both are suitable for a parrot, but the small ones would get destroyed in seconds, and the large ones might be too scary for the small birds like budgies but ideal for parrots.

They are brilliant because they are inexpensive (I buy bunches of three and then split them and give one bal at a time), they can be used as a foraging toy (there is already shredded paper inside but you can add some of your own fillings too) and so great for shredding.

Party Bags by Foragewise

These are very similar to the party balls - just paper bags with tissue paper on which makes them irresistible for Digby and great for stuffing with all sorts of goodies. Very inexpensive but very short-lived.

These yucca chips are super shreddable and super fun. Budgies spend hours destroying the pieces and Digby loves them too. I either put them on a stainless steel skewer or stuff into foraging toys. Or they can be used as a foot toy. Very versatile stuff.

These are a favourite of many birds. They are made of parrot safe cardboard and are non-toxic. Again, super versatile toy. I chain them together, put them between the cage bars for the budgies to use as sitting platforms/perches, cut them n half and stuff into foraging toys. They come in a variety of sizes so there is something or any size parrot. 

That is just some of the many shreddable, disposable toys I always have a small supply of. Will post about more permanent "fixtures" later on, like foraging wheel, stainless steel foraging cages, etc. More toys to come. 


  1. Love the foraging toy you made with all the bagels and shreddables in the wire basket. My Timmy is going to get one of those!

  2. Hi Michelle, thank you, it is a great toy. Very versatile, long lasting and can be stuffed with literally anything you have at hand. Comes in different sizes too, mine is small as my Timneh is pretty small :)

  3. Wow it's a great idea for you to post your favorite toys! I love those foraging party bags! I got four of them sent to me by Persnickety Parrot and my birds have gone through two so far and they loved them!


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