Sunday, 13 February 2011

Matzo Crackers

If you are one of those people who finds it hard to resist giving a parrot whatever you are eating and you like your crackers or biscuits, Matzo crackers could be something worth considering for you. They are crackers which are basically made of just flour and water. No salt added, no sugar, yeast, or in fact any other additives. They are pure as pure can get when it comes to crackers.

They are still only good as a rare treat, because they have zero nutrition really, but at least in small quantities they won't harm, like all the salt in regular crackers could.

To make things more fun you can make a cracker sandwich (again, it shouldn't be more than a rare treat).

You will need:
1 Matzo cracker
a tiny blob of unsalted nut butter
a thin slice of cheese (something like edam or emmental is better than cheddar) of the size of 5p coin
a thin slice of apple of the same size as cheese

Break your cracker in two small squares. Spread a bit of nut butter on both of them. Top one with cheese and apple then cover with the other piece of cracker.

Microwave the concoction for 3-5 seconds (it is a tiny piece of cracker, that is why the time is so short). It will melt the cheese and the whole sandwich will easily stick together. You can squeeze it tighter when it is out of the microwave. Cool down. Now it won't fall apart when your parrot is eating it. Serve.

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