Friday, 4 February 2011

Digby's Playgym

Digby's playgym is of a home made variety. I very much like it because it is so easy to change and customise. The original idea belongs to Nikki from the african grey parrot forum. She has a magnificent gym for her two greys, mine is a lot smaller but then Digby is very small.
The main idea is that you get a bucket (I've got a 99pence bucket from Focus), fill it in with fast setting cement like Post-crete and put a few large branches from a parrot safe tree. I've got a willow tree branch and an ash tree branch. They serve as the base for the gym. Then later on I added another large branch, from an apple tree and just rested it on top of the firm concrete and attached the new branches to the base branches with piece of sisal rope (all loose strands cut off). You can use cable ties for that too. Then to make it even more fun I took smaller branches and attached them horizontally to the gym. I change them from time to time to replace them for the new fresh ones with the bark still on.

And finally lots of toys are hung on it, which change regularly.

The concrete is covered with a paper based litter called Megazorb, just because that is what I have for Dudley the rabbit and Digby doesn't go down there anyway. I change it regularly. For a more permanent fixture and for more explorative parrots it can be covered up with pebbles or newspaper for example.
So it looks like this

Now recently the budgies have decided that the gym looks very much fun and invaded poor Digby's territory

Digby gets frustrated when the budgies are around so when they are out he is already covered up for his bedtime.

Here is Digby preparing to go to sleep

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