Thursday, 2 September 2010

Things To Live By

How inspiring is that?

This lovely poster can be purchased here

So how am I doing then?
Bake Cake - check!
Drink Tea - check!
Choose Handmade - something to work on
Love Your Town - Hastings is a nice town, so I suppose I kind of love it
Sing - hmm, I'd rather not!
Keep It Wonky - no problem!
Barter & Swap - I am sort of doing it - gave away an old small budgie cage through Freecycle yesterday (just as a temporary solution for a nice family) and getting some foam through Freecycle too for myself
Make Stuff - check!
Write Letters - check!
Champion The Underdog - hmm, need to work on this one too
Grow Your Community - ok, I will try
Love All The People - that is a tricky one...
Live Your Life - ok...
Be Kind - yes, sir. 

KILL YOUR TV - sorry, but that is not going to happen!

And I would add from myself - treasure each day you get to spend with your birds :) I know I do

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