Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Paint Job

We moved in the flat we now live in about 4 years ago. The previous owners were really nice people and redid the whole flat before selling it. However they chose quite un-traditional colours for the rooms. Our living room was peach and dark red, our bedroom was completely red. They definitely had something for red! Well I don't and being quite a temperamental person I need the calming influence of more neutral colours. We repainted our bedroom straightaway, but even though Nicholas wanted to change the peach colour to white in the living room straightaway I refused because I was worried about the birds and where they would go if we were to paint the living room.
A few weeks ago I've come across this super blog I now read daily and that was the last drop. I had to make the room white. At least partially, because the red is still there but only on the fireplace wall and around the windows and we have huge windows, so there is not much wall around them. 
So with the determination off I went to look for parrot-safe paints. How excited I was when I found Ecos organic paints. These paints are solvent, toxins and VOC free. But just to be on the safe side I emailed the company and asked if i would still need to remove the birds from the room being painted and the reply was:

"Ecos Paints & Varnishes are entirely non-toxic; we have had many customers who have used our paints & varnishes with parrots (also bees, vivaria, aquaria, aviaries, etc) & we are well aware of the unusual sensitivity of these birds & our parrot-owning customers have
never had any problems."

Ecos paints are a bit pricier than your regular standard paint but it was worth it. The paints arrived very quickly. I just love their tins, are they gorgeous:

They cover really well too and very easy to wash off your hands or surfaces. I even had some of it in my hair courtesy of Nicholas and that washed off quickly and painlessly! 
When painting I could smell something, so it is not entirely odour-free. The smell reminded me PVA glue smell. Yesterday, however, I decided to paint our old TV stand with regular B&Q antique grey solvent based paint as I could do it in the bedroom with widely open windows so as not to poison the birds. That was a nightmare for my lungs and nose and you can call Ecos odour free in comparison to a solvent based paint! 


Oh and the previous owners had a thing for fake wood pattern too (that is what you see on the door). It doesn't look as bad in the photo as it does in real life.


All nice and white, but the door still needs another coat and the switch needs replacing with something  abit more exciting than that. But all those jobs pose no risk to my birds and I am soooo happy!

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