Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Look Who I Met

On Saturday, the 4th of September me and Nichols visited Wingham Wildlife Park. Overall it was a pleasant experience and we met a few lovely dudes, like this friendly Lory

He lives in a lovely tropical house, surrounded by lots of java finches and tropical plants. He is friends with a lovely green Turaco too and a bunch of butterflies. When we came by him he was sitting high up on a tree branch. I started whistling to him and he seemed interested. After a few minutes we just went and sat down on a bench a meter away from him. He gradually climbed down the eucalyptus to where we were. He then hang off a thin eucalyptus branch to look at us closer. 

He didn't even mind us scratching his head and would put one of his feet on our finger but not the other! Go figure!

that scratch on my cheek is a result of a fight with some brambles
 and a plum tree at the allotment, it is not the lory's fault

We also met some sleepy lemurs

Not so sleepy turtles

And gorgeous herons

We also visited so-called Parrot House which I didn't enjoy at all. It was extremely boring, for the parrots, not me, as they didn't have a single toy or any stimulating "furniture" in their cages. The birds looked quite bored, though we did cheer them up for a bit by whistling and doing some head bobbing, to which they always respond happily. After some thinking I sent an email to Wingham Park to complain about the conditions the parrots are kept in. I was told that improving the aviaries is on their maps, so fingers crossed it will get better one day! 
All in all it was a pleasant experience and surprisingly we even were lucky with the weather!

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