Friday, 10 September 2010

Ikea Finds (For Parrots)

Yesterday we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary with Nicholas and for some strange reason we decided it was a good idea to go to Ikea on the day. Whenever and wherever I shop, I am on the lookout for things I could use for the birds. This time wasn't any different and I found some really good things in Ikea.

Spritta Apple Slicer

I absolutely love it! It is super easy to use. You just put an apple in the base and slide the top on it. What you get - is perfectly sliced and, most importantly, de-cored apple. Why is it so important? Because apple seeds are poisonous, so removing the core and serving the apple to the birds and bunny is now super easy. The slices are large enough to put on a skewer and small enough for Digby to hold in his foot. If putting on a skewer I spritz some lemon juice on the slices first, to prevent them from going brown.
It makes the job of chopping up apples for pies, freshly squeezed apple juice and birdie bread a whole load of easier too! And I love it is vibrant green colour.

I love these glass jars as they don't just look cute but they are the best way to store food too. Plastic containers can release toxins so glass is the safest option. They are also dishwasher safe for those who use those, I wash everything by hand :).  I store my sprouting mix, pellets, budgie seed mix and other dry goods in them. They are perfect for my home-made jams and conserves too. They come in three different sizes.

Komplement Multi-Use Hanger

Can you see its potential? It makes a perfect climbing frame! And for only £2.99 it makes a very cheap parrot toy too! The good thing about it as it has a hook at the top covered in fabric and the hook itself is steel so even if the parrot gets to it it is not so bad, as if it was zinc or brass or any other metal toxic for birds. The rest of the frame is plastic. I wouldn't put this sort of toy in the cage of larger parrots since they can easily chew on it and I don't think chewing any plastic is a good idea. But it makes a perfect addition to the playground set up. For now I have hung it up on Digby's tree but as he is not much of a climber he might just decide it is a chew toy, then it will migrate to the budgies' playground. Will see how it goes.

The photo is from Ikea website

These baskets are made of peeled willow and nothing else. They are a bargain at £4.99 for 4. The larger baskets can make great foraging boxes if filled with foot toys, nuts, etc. and the smaller ones can just be hung up in the cage or playground for some proper shredding. I haven't purchased these ones this time because I still have a stock of "parrot" baskets but they will go in my yellow shopping bag next time I am in Ikea. 


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