Friday, 3 September 2010

For Your (And My) Home

According to my husband, and I agree, having parrot related items in your home when you have parrots is just tacky. Well what about other birds? There are a few bird related things I would love love love to have in my home (maybe not all at once!). Here are a few of my favourites:

Ikea Cecilia Fabric in White/Green/Black

I actually own this one and it really is lovely.  I have got three meters of it and my plan is to make windowsill sits out of it. Will see how it turns out! 

Having both this cushion and that Ikea fabric is probably going a bit too far, so I will stick with the fabric for now, but this cushion would have made a lovely addition to my newly painted white living groom otherwise. 

How about this super adorable little Owl Egg Cosy?  

It is bound to make you smiley in the morning!

I think it is gorgeous, do you?

For more lovely bird related items check out

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