Saturday, 4 September 2010

Budgies' Houseplant

Sometimes I grow wheatgrass for the birds and the rabbit. Usually I just pick a few grass blades and clip them to the cage bars but they wilt very quickly this way. So, here is my solution to the problem. Meet my new budgies' houseplant:

How it is made:
I get these trays of grass sold for rabbits under Trixie brand. The seeds which come with the pack don't germinate very well and take ages. Instead I just sprinkle wheat berries into the medium. It grows really well and the roots of the grass don't go mouldy as easily as they do if the wheat grass is just grown on a paper towel or even compost. 

It takes only about a week for the grass to grow this big:

To pot a piece of grass I just cut out a small square off, along with the turf:

To prevent the birds from picking on the seeds and turf bits and to keep the root ball moist I wrapped it in a piece of paper towel:

I tucked the root ball in a bit more, than shown in the photo above, once it was in a cage as I could see if they would be able to reach the turf and seeds easily.

And here they are enjoying their snack:

I apologise for the grainy photo but they would hop away as soon as i got closer with the big scary camera so had to take the photo from afar.


  1. I feed my birds wheatgrass as well but my parakeets don't like it as much as the cockatiels do. Have you tried sprouting sunflower seeds or lentils? My birds love those!

  2. HungryBird, my budgies are not very interested in sprouts for some reason, but my grey Digby loves his lentil and sunflower seed sprouts. I rarely let them grow to grass however, as the humidity is quite high around here (we live by the sea) and the roots tend to go mouldy if kept moist for too long :).


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